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Dolce Vita Stories

  • It's A Boat! - In July 2010, we took our first one-week cruise on Dolce Vita. Leaky plumbing and engine trouble didn't keep this from being a fun trip.
  • This Time, We Made It! - In June 2011, we took our second one-week cruise on Dolce Vita. Only a small plumbing incident kept this from being a perfect trip.

Other Sailing Stories

  • Bermuda or Bust! - In 1990, I crewed on Jack Ganssle's 35' Cheoy Lee Lion on a trip from Baltimore, Maryland to St. George, Bermuda.
  • There and Back Again: A Delmarva Tale - In 2007, I crewed on Bill Bredlow's Ericson 26 on a circumnavigation of the Delmarva penninsula.