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History of Hull #42

Dolce Vita (hull #42) is in pretty good shape, despite the fact that she's had a lot of owners. Since one of my hobbies is genealogy, I decided to try and track down and contact as many previous owners as possible.

According to the HIN, Dolce VIta is Model Year 1977, built in December of 1976.

1977? 1978 None Pamlico Marine Co. Engelhard, NC Dealer
1978 1985 Captolia II Dr. Henry J. Liverman Engelhard, NC Have the original warranty registration.
"Captolia" was Dr. Liverman's mother's middle name.
Dr. Liverman died in 2003 as the result of injuries suffered in a car accident.
1985 1987 Sea Fox Richard S. Muller & Joan Muller Richmond, VA Richard and his wife Joan used Sea Fox as a weekend retreat. When they retired, they traded up to a Gulfstar 44 and some serious cruising for the next 18 years.
1987 ???? Lock and Load William B. Little & Louis W. Jandrosits These two men co-owned the boat. Both were first-time sailors.
Louis said that William eventually signed over his share of ownership.
The name "Lock and Load" showed up in the documentation records as a previous name.
???? ???? ???? William F. Owens This name showed up in the documentation records as a previous owner.
???? ???? Ariel Reston, VA This owner had the boat documented. The number was 929015.
2001 2003 Cydonia Robert Kois Solomons, MD The existence of this owner was inferred, because the next owner (Eric) claimed the boat was already named "Cydonia" when he bought it. Found confirming traces in SailNet postings.
2003 2007 Cydonia Eric Nestor Dunkirk, MD Eric did a lot of work on the boat, including replacing all the through-hulls and putting in a stainless steel prop shaft. He also built a spinnaker from a kit from Sailrite.
2007 2009 Cydonia Robert Karl Columbia, MD Bob added a lot of cruising gear to the boat, including an Air-X wind generator. He and his son took Cydonia down the ICW to Florida, and offshore to the Bahamas.
2009 Dolce Vita Ed & Joan Criscuolo Laurel, MD